What to Expect at a Pest Inspection

What to Expect at a Pest Inspection

Homeowners should have a yearly pest inspection by a professional to stop harmful pests from damaging your home! Even if you are in the market for a NEW home, you should have one before you buy to be sure it’s free of infestations or existing damage. Never had an inspection done? Ever wonder what goes in to one?

The following are three elements of an effective pest inspection:


Outdoor Inspection

First, your technician will thoroughly examine the outside of your house for any signs of infestation. They will check for small holes, cracks, or other places that might allow creepy crawlers to get in. They will also check for nests, termite mud tubes or other signs of pests near the foundation.


Indoor Inspection

The tech will also search indoors for signs of roaches, mice, ants and other pests. This part of the inspection will focus on baseboards and the insides of cabinets, where pests often leave traces of their presence while searching for food. Additionally, they will examine crawl spaces, your basement, and your attic. These areas are where infestations can often be undetected, leading to severe damages to the home. Sometimes, the pest control agent will even find living varmints during their search.


Evaluation & Recommendations for Pest Control

If the tech finds signs of a pest infestation, they will recommend a course of action to eliminate the problem and point out damages that will need to be repaired. These actions might range from conducting advanced termite control to setting rodent traps. Depending on the size of your problem, these interventions can be performed annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.


If you think you have an insect or rodent problem or need to arrange a pest inspection before a house purchase, contact your Ace Exterminating professionals today at 615-876-7185!

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