Cockroaches are a very common nuisance in kitchens throughout Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. The most common species include the American, brown-banded, German, oriental, smokybrown, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Roaches are classified as insects and belong to the phylum Arthropoda. They pose a serious health threat by contaminating our food with bacteria that can cause dangerous illnesses. Some roaches are crucial for the environment by recycling organic material. They might release an unpleasant smell and make a clicking or chirping noise. Having wings depends on the species, male roaches typically have 2 pairs of wings, and females have none or vestigial wings. This means that those wings are leftovers from evolution but do not have any function. Roaches have 6 legs and antennae, and the females carry an egg case with nymphs. The three most common species in the United States are the German, American, and brown-banded cockroach. The German roach is about half an inch and light brown in color. It usually invades a home through grocery bags or cardboard boxes. The American roach is bigger, measuring about 2 inches, and it is reddish brown. Species living in tropical climates are usually larger.

To control cockroaches, it is important to inspect the home for entry points. The pest control professional will check cracks, crevices, sewers, drains, pipes, and vents. Another main reason roaches gain access inside the house is the lack of awareness among consumers. What most people do not know is that most infestations start with shoppers bringing roaches into the house through cardboard boxes, grocery bags, and purses. Staying active all year around, a home is the perfect environment for a cockroach because it provides shelter, sufficient food sources, and nesting areas. Roaches are nocturnal, hide behind the wall, and usually scatter when disturbed through vibration. They reproduce extremely fast and a severe cockroach infestation can be expected after spotting only a few. Roach debris such as fecal matter and shed body parts can cause allergies and asthma. To control a roach infestation, a pest control professional is necessary. Over-the-counter and store-bought products are not only ineffective but can also counteract the trained pest professional’s efforts. The amount of time it takes to get rid of an infestation depends on how severe it is and what species is involved. Cooperating with the homeowner is an important factor in cockroach control because of the necessity to reduce feeding and nesting spots. Pet food dishes, dishwashers, drains, unsealed food, and trash cans attract these critters. The trained exterminator can also explain how to prevent an infestation and seal possible entry points. The trained professional can also place glue boards strategically throughout the home to find out the direction the pests are coming from. Lastly, a treatment plan should be composed individually for each unique situation.

Fun facts about ants:

1roaches can stop breathing for 40 minutes
2roaches can survive for about a week without a head
3roaches can stay pregnant their entire live after mating once
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