How to Keep Spiders Away

How to Keep Spiders Away

Spiders? Oh no!

Seeing a few too many creepy crawlers and scary critters? Wondering what on earth you can do to keep spiders out of your home? Here are a few tips to relieve your arachnophobia!

Keep it clean!

Perhaps the most boring method, and yet the most effective. Spiders love to hide in dark, untouched places. Vacuum or dust away cobwebs and egg sacs to make spiders less likely to return.

Get a Pet

Preferably a cat. Cats have been used as hunters since humans first began to interact with them, and even the most docile tabby cat will still follow his instincts. While they aren’t going to eliminate the entire spider problem, they’ll catch anything they see sprinting across the living room floor. Caution: Hopefully you don’t have poisonous spiders in your home, but those spiders can also harm your pets.

Caulk the gaps

Spiders must get in somewhere. Sealing up the edges of windows and gaps in doors will make it much more difficult for them to find an entry point. You can also use a fine mesh across any air vents around the house.

Where there are insects, there are spiders

Try not to leave outside lights on; they serve as a beacon to the insects in the area. The spiders aren’t attracted to the light but instead will follow the insects. If windows are left open with the lights on, expect a lot of spiders to be following those bugs inside.

If your spider problems are serious or persistent, call Ace Exterminating. Our professionals will come up with an effective plan to exterminate and prevent future invasions of creepy spiders.




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