There are a lot of household spiders in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. They are classified as arthropods, not insects, and therefore have 8 legs and 2 body segments. Even though spiders have 3 or 4 pairs of eyes, most species have bad vision. Most spiders are predators and instead of chewing their prey, spiders use their saliva, which contains digestive enzymes to break down food sources. They belong to the class Arachnida and have neither wings nor antennae.

Colors vary and some spiders, such as the black widow or the brown recluse are very poisonous. Spiders produce silk to create egg sacs and webs, which differ among species. Certain species prefer damp or moist environments such as crawl spaces and basements. Other types prefer dry and warm environments such as ceilings, attics, and air vents. Spiders tend to hide in dark spots and feed on smaller spiders and insects. Spiderlings grow from an egg sac that the female produces. After molting several times, they become adults. Within some species, the males dance to get the female to mate with them even though some females consume the male after mating.

Spiders enter homes looking for shelter and food sources. Windows, doors, cracks, and gaps are entry points. Additionally, boxes and other stored items brought inside from the attic, basement, or garage can bring spiders into a house.

Common spiders include the black widow, brown recluse, crab, cellar, daddy longlegs/harvestmen, garden, ground, funnel web, hobo, house, spinybacked orb weaver, wolf, jumping, tarantulas, and yellow sac.

Fun facts about spiders:

1some spiders can lay roughly 3000 eggs at once
2some species can jump 50x their own body length
3spiders have 6-8 eyes
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