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Trusted Pest Control Service in Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky

Looking to solve your pest problem? Book an appointment and you’ll have nothing more to worry about. We’re Ace Exterminating and we give you the upper hand against pest threats. If you live in Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky and you’re dealing with uninvited bugs, insects, arachnids, rodents, or other types of creepy crawlies, just remember – you’ve got an Ace in the Hole.

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Pest Control

Pest Control Services Include: Bed Bug Treatments • Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spider Treatments • Mosquito, Flea, and Tick Service • Quarterly Routine Pest Control • One-Time Pest Treatments • Baiting and Spraying for Roaches and Ants • Carpenter Bee Treatments • Wasp, Hornets and Other Flying Insects • Mice and Rodent Control • Termite Control and More!!


The Tennessee climate is perfect for termites to thrive. Termites have always been an issue in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. Ace has developed effective methods to get rid of or prevent termite colonies from invading your home. Our termite bond coverage offers peace of mind knowing that we are checking regularly for activity and will treat termite issues quickly.


Crawl spaces are great for accessing utilities, but if neglected they can lead to air quality issues or precipitate pest problems. Ace’s crawl space encapsulation services, such as vapor barriers, prevent this, so you can enjoy superior air quality, avoid infestations, and limit your risk of moisture-related structural damage.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes thrive during nighttime and in areas with cloudy and shady settings. Their increasing presence is worrisome as they transmit severe illnesses like malaria, dengue, and yellow fever. For reliable and long-lasting solutions to your mosquito troubles, turn to the experts at Ace Exterminating.

Our pest control service plans cover 18 common household pests, guaranteed!

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