7 Common Misconceptions About Pests

7 Common Misconceptions About Pests

We are here to tell you that not everything you here about bugs is true. Here are 7 commonly held beliefs about household pests that are simply myths!

  1. Bed Bugs are found only in low star rating Hotels: Unfortunately, bed bugs can be discovered in any hotel, even the most luxurious hotels.
  1. Fleas die without a food source: To the contrary, fleas are exceptionally capable of living long periods of time without a meal.  They can even lie dormant in a property for years with no other inhabitants.
  1. Bees Can Sting Only Once: While true of honey bees, wasps and other bee types can repeatedly sting.
  1. Adult Moths Damage Clothing: Actually, the moth larvae is the real perpetrators when it comes to destroyed clothes.
  1. Clean Houses are Pest-Free: If only it were this simple.  Pests really don’t care how clean your home is. All they want is shelter and food and that can be found in houses of any level of cleanliness.
  1. Mice Love Cheese: In actuality, mice prefer foods higher in sugar, such as peanut butter or dried fruit.
  1. I Can Accomplish Pest Control Without Help: You may think you can be freed of pests by doing it yourself, but you might really save time, money and disappointment by consulting a professional pest control company.


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