Controlling Mice and Rats in Your Home

Controlling Mice and Rats in Your Home

Rat control is a noteworthy issue for some homeowners. Rats and mice can spread disease, defile stored foods and cause general damage. They are likewise refined chewers, known for biting their way through boundaries with their effective front teeth. Rats and mice cause billions of dollars in damage every year. The most ideal approach to avoid this harm is to keep rodents from entering your home in the first place. Rodent-proofing your house is the initial segment of a multi-step approach.


Here are three techniques you can try for rodent control:


Block Any Entrances:

For effective control of rodents, you need to guarantee that rats and mice have no chance to get of entering your home. Complete an exhaustive investigation of your home: checking for splits, fissures and other openings. Large openings around pipes should first be covered by mesh, and then fixed with concrete. Metal boards at the base of wooden doors or windows can help keep rodents from biting through. You can also cover ventilated zones with mesh.


Prevent Easy Access From The Outside:

Trees, weeds and congested vegetation can give access to your home and provide a nourishment hotspot for rats and mice. For effective rat control, keep trees trimmed so that they are not touching the outside of your home, pull weeds and cut back grass and vegetation, keeping it at low levels. On the off chance that you experience extreme difficulty with rats or mice, think about utilizing rock or concrete landscaping along the edges of your home, to keep vegetation at a more appropriate distance. You should also store outside items and kindling at least a few inches off of the ground. To keep rodents from getting into rubbish, keep waste bags securely tied and put away in trash cans with covers. 


Eliminate Food Sources:

Sanitation is basic to rat control. Rats require around 1 to 2 ounces of sustenance each night and no less than double that in water. Mice require less food and don’t require water every day. Try not to forget foods or crumbs on the counter or in open cupboards. Put all stored foods in sealed containers and keep them put away in cabinets or pantries, or in the refrigerator.  Toss old foods out daily, tidy up shelves and vacuum floors if needed.


Rats and mice may invade other regions of the home as well. Rodents can settle in paper and cardboard items. Try not to store boxes on the floor and keep clutter to a minimum. In washrooms, guarantee faucets are off and that there is no standing water on the floor.


If you have seen rodents in your home or want help with the steps above, contact Ace Exterminating today!

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