Where do Mosquitoes Go In Winter?

Where do Mosquitoes Go In Winter?

Mosquitoes are like BEARS!


When the first warm wet days of spring come, bringing a cacophony of new life and sound, we all ask ourselves one question.




Generally, you’ll be waiting until the temperature outside drops below 50° Fahrenheit (10° Celsius).
However, conditions like wind and relative humidity levels will also affect the survival of these tiny annoying critters. Cold and dry conditions are anathema to mosquitoes of all species (of which there are over 3500 worldwide!).


While some species simply die off in winter (after laying a PLETHORA of eggs…) others can actually hibernate!


The process is referred to as diapause.
/’ dīəˌpôz/


1. a period of suspended development in an insect, other invertebrate, or mammal embryo, especially during unfavorable environmental conditions.”  – Google Dictionary. 2017


Basically, the insects’ metabolisms slow down to very little activity when the conditions are not good and return to activity when conditions “improve”, to eat or develop; returning to diapause if the weather deteriorates again. Whether it’s the adults, eggs or the larvae, most hibernating species can easily survive temperatures below freezing!


If you live anywhere around Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky, the mosquitoes will usually begin dying off around mid November and won’t make a real come back until about the end of February. BUT if the temperature rises above 50°, the eggs can hatch, larvae can become adults and adults can lay new eggs, EVEN IN THE WINTER!


If you want to avoid a large crop of them in the spring, check your yard for areas where water or even snow might collect. Even as little as 0.7mm of water can host the tiny eggs.


Having a pest control company spray as soon as the temps get above 50° will help eliminate mosquitoes around your home. Although, these critters may be gone for the most part now, they will be back. Give Ace Exterminating a call for all of your pest control needs!

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