Bug of the Month: Pantry Pests

Bug of the Month: Pantry Pests

There you are, foraging for dinner, when you reach for an old box of instant potatoes. These should still be good right? You open the top and BANG! Moths fly out and potato flakes go everywhere as you scream in the night!! Or perhaps you may have found little black specks in that old pasta, bugs in the flour or other less than appetizing additions to your stored food. Usually less obtrusive than other common household pests, pantry pests may not be noticed until there’s an infestation.


The Good:

This type of pest causes no structural damage to your house and poses no real threat to people or pets.

And, surprisingly, they’re beneficial to the environment. Scientists have recently found that some pantry moths produce bacteria that are able to break down polyethylene plastic, which is used to make common items that don’t break down in landfills.


The Bad:

Pantry Bandits like moths, beetles and weevils can get through both cardboard AND plastic.

Pantry pests like most types of dried foods, like spices, pasta, cookies/crackers, cereal, flour, dried fruits, dog food…etc. They can gnaw through most types of unopened containers or get into opened items through unsealed areas. Once they are comfortably inside the packaging, they will multiply rapidly and infest other nearby food items if not discovered.


The (Not-So-Ugly) Solution:

If you suspect pantry pests you will need to inspect stored foods, throwing out anything expired or clearly containing pests, and thoroughly clean your entire food storage area.

You can prevent an infestation by storing food items properly in tightly sealed plastic or glass containers, and labeling them with descriptions and expiration dates.

Try not to store large quantities of dried foods that you won’t use within a few weeks. The longer these foods sit untouched, the more susceptible they will be to pests. Keep your pantry clean of food debris and crumbs, wipe down shelves and sweep and mop floors regularly, and don’t forget corners and crevices.


Remember to contact Ace Exterminating, so the varmints can be properly identified. Our professionals will be able to find and eliminate the insects and provide you with suggestions on how to prevent a re-occurrence in the future. Give us a call today at 615-876-7185 to schedule your FREE inspection.

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